Exposing Myths About Republicans

Exposing Myths About Republicans

*A resource list can be found at the end of this post.

Myth: Republicans are all wealthy.

Certainly some Republicans are wealthy, but not all. If you want to know who has the money, ask Democrats who is funding their campaigns. Democrats spent far more on their campaigns than Republicans. Just look at all of the expensive TV ads and relentless slick literature they produced. George Soros, many members of the Hollywood crowd, and many in Silicon Valley helped to fund Democrats. (Refer to opensecrets.org/overview.)

Myth: Republicans are racist.

Republicans believe in responsibility and accountability for one’s own actions and efforts, regardless of race. Therefore, if you do the crime, we expect you to serve the time. If you earn a job, an award, or a promotion, kudos to you.

Republicans believe merits count for all.

Myth: Republicans are so negative.

Think about this. If you are being bullied, would you point to the negative part or would you ignore it and pretend nothing happened? Democrats have thrown countless executive orders and all types of negative advertising at Republicans. Why would we not call attention to what is happening? It’s important for the facts to be acknowledged.

Myth: Republicans don’t care about people.

It’s precisely because Republicans DO care about people that we work toward maintaining the integrity of the U. S. Constitution, the rule of law, the separation of powers. an impartial justice system, and freedom and liberty for all U. S. citizens.

Myth: Republicans just want to fight.

Republicans would be very happy with a peaceful world. But, the world isn’t peaceful right now. Republicans believe in fighting for what’s right and just, not in succumbing to the whims of bullies. If the United States didn’t try to keep the peace, who would?

Myth: Republicans are in it for themselves.

A nice sound bite——but it isn’t true. If this myth suggests that Republicans don’t have a right to earn money legitimately for themselves and their families, Republicans would take issue with it, because we don’t believe in the re-distribution of wealth. We believe in economic and financial independence. Independence brings about true freedom from government control and leverage in our lives.

If this  myth suggests Republicans are selfish, that’s not true either. Of course, the Republican Party is made up of individuals. Some individuals may very well be perceived as selfish. As a whole, though, Republicans try to do what they think is in the best interests of all concerned. However, we will put U. S. interests first. Why? Because other countries put themselves first as well.

Myth: Republicans are against women.

Balderdash! If so, there wouldn’t be a Metro Republican Women’s group.

Myth: Republicans are against diversity.

Republicans are against discrimination of any sort, including reverse discrimination. As stated earlier, merit counts. Individuals reap the rewards of their own efforts.

Republicans believe in the diversity of thought, which is different than discrimination.

Myth: Republicans just brew up fear and hatred.

Democrats started Obamacare, executive orders, and all sorts of divisiveness pitting just about every group imaginable against some other group. Republicans aren’t brewing fear. They’re pointing out reality and trying to stop the divisiveness by leading the U. S. back to its originally intended ideals and to the U. S. Constitution.

Myth: Republicans are Islamophobic.

Republicans believe in defending the U. S. against threats. Radical Islamic terrorism is one such threat. There have been too many destructive and deadly attacks by Islamic terrorists to pretend that someone else was responsible.

Myth: Republicans talk about good things but do nothing.

Remember Harry Reid? Republicans put forth bills that Harry Reid refused to pass along for further action. In fact, his obstruction of congressional business was barely publicized.

Barack Obama signed so many executive orders to bypass Congress, he avoided the democratic process. The democratic process doesn’t always allow for quick fixes.

Myth: Republicans are divided.

Republicans include many individuals who all think independently. This diversity of thought, while trying at times, can result in better and more lasting decisions later on, because all of the angles are covered.

Myth: Republicans are against education.

Republicans are for education based on facts, not on political correctness. For instance, history isn’t always pretty, but at least, it reflects actual stories of the past. We don’t want to create a fake past.

Republicans do not stand for indoctrination of our children. We don’t believe in grade inflation either. Let children succeed by their own merits and through their own efforts. Let’s teach them useful information for succeeding in life: reading, writing, arithmetic, history, and physical education, to name a few.

Myth: Republicans never want to spend money.

Republicans believe in spending money wisely. They don’t believe in spending money we don’t have.

Myth: Republicans are against the environment.

Republicans believe there are parameters for dealing with the environment. While good air and water are vital for survival, regulation that goes beyond what is perfectly safe can be a waste of time and money.

For example, climate change has been debunked by many scientists; yet, their findings are not publicized as much as those willing to advance the Democratic viewpoint. When facts aren’t used, time and money are wasted.

Myth: Republicans are only for the rich.

Republicans are for capitalism and free markets. Again, the opportunity to succeed exists for all U. S. citizens.

Myth: Republicans cater to big business.

Capitalism and free markets encourage all types of businesses. Excessive regulation hurts all businesses. Excessive taxation hurts all businesses. Businesses spur economic growth. Republicans believe in helping businesses to help themselves, so they in turn will provide jobs and grow the economy.

Myth: Republicans are against regulation.

Republicans believe in common-sense legislation. They aren’t for trying to control every aspect of our lives.

Myth: Republicans are against change.

Republicans are against changing for the sake of change. We want any changes to make sense and to benefit U. S. citizens.

Myth: Republicans are against immigration.

Republicans are for legal immigration. Illegals are breaking U. S. law.

Myth: Republicans are against equal pay.

Republicans are for merit-based pay. We believe in people getting paid for their skills and talents, regardless of any superficial factor. Free markets can dictate this as well.

Myth: Republicans want to make voting more difficult.

On the contrary, requiring an ID to vote simply ensures only eligible, registered voters would vote. Even if only one person voted illegally, that would indicate a loophole that has to be eliminated.

Myth: Republicans are for gun violence.

Republicans support the 2nd Amendment. Most of the tragedies we have seen occurred in areas with tough gun restrictions or with those people who acquired guns illegally.

Myth: Republicans are against the minimum wage.

Republicans believe a $15-per-hour minimum wage is too high and can’t be supported with the current economic conditions. Everything is relative. A $15 minimum wage would adversely impact many other areas, including jobs.

Republicans don’t believe the government should dictate employee salaries. Free markets should do that. Republicans are not in favor of abolishing the minimum wage that existed before the $15-per-hour idea surfaced.

Myth: Republicans are for frivolous laws and arrests.

Republicans are for law and order. We believe in the prevention of crime. If that means stopping criminal tendencies or keeping crime in check by enforcing lurking, loitering, and shoplifting laws, for instance, then so be it.

We’ve just highlighted a few myths here. If you want to know more, please review the Republican platform for the GOP Party.

*Resource List:

Americans for Prosperity, americansforprosperity.org (principles of economic freedom)

Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom, cchfreedom.org (health issues)

Freedom Foundation of Minnesota, freedomfoundation.publishpath.com (health issues)

Intellectual Takeout, intellectualtakeout.org (promotion of discussion)

Judicial Watch, judicialwatch.org (government accountability)

MN Federation of Republican Women, mnfrw.com

MN GOP, mngop.com

MN Voters’ Alliance, mnvoters.org (election issues)

MN Organization of Republican Veterans, morvets.org (veterans’ issues)

National Federation of Republican Women, nfrw.org