Islamic Values


(Source: Nonie Darwish’s presentation at the American Freedom Alliance conference on 8/21/2016. This video is 8.42 minutes long. See it here.)


Islamic ValuesBiblical Values
Islamists must die for Allah and must kill
enemies for Allah.
Jesus died for us.
Lying and slander are obligations.The truth will set you free.
Free will doesn't exist--only conformity.Believe in free will.
Islamists are ashamed of internal change. They
only believe in changing or fixing others.
Strive to transform to be more like God.
Believe in self-control and in fixing of the self.
Prayer is exhibitionist and is used to intimidate.Prayer is not exhibitionist.
Fight people.Fight ideology.
Covenant with god for war.Covenant for peace.
At religious ceremonies, cursing is common.Cursing is frowned upon.
Seize wealth from others.Earn own wealth.
Family is sacrificed for the sake of jihad. Priority one is Allah. #2 is jihad. Women are made the enemies, so the men fight jihad willingly.Priority one is God. #2 is family and then, country.
Feminists conform to the Establishment and to Sharia law.Feminists are anti-establishment.
Sharia law prevails.Democracy and the U. S. Constitution prevail.
Islam violated all Ten Commandments and the Seven Deadly Sins.Obey the Ten Commandments, and avoid the Seven Deadly Sins.


(For further insight, read Nonie’s fourth book, Wholly Different: Islamic Values vs. Biblical Values, due out in January, 2017.)