Through the BOOKS ARE CANDY FOR THE MIND literacy project, MRW members collect new and gently-used children’s books which are donated to churches, schools and shelters, for distribution to families and children who have no books. Members have contributed 6,000 books in the past decade. A treasured MRW tradition is to have the speaker at each monthly meeting sign a new book to add to the donations.

Instituted in 2013 in honor of iconic member Jeannette Wier, PROJECT SPARE CHANGE is a monthly collection dedicated to expanding the scope of various club efforts. To date, members’ donations of small change have helped Operation Duffle Bag assist local wounded veterans’ programs, contributed to Success on a Hanger’s efforts to supply transportation vouchers and other needs of folks re-entering the labor force, and established a Founders’ Fund to provide honorary MRW memberships.

The SUCCESS ON A HANGER project collects clothing, accessories, and personal care items suitable for job interviews and for the workplace. Items are contributed to Dress for Success, a nationwide program of Episcopal Community Services which assists women who are rebuilding their lives and getting back into the workplace.

THE MITTEN TREE is a fall project where the club collects winter items – mittens, hats and boots – and money to purchase books for children at the Hope Academy School in Minneapolis and Westmorland School in West St. Paul. In the five years since the project started we have donated over a hundred pairs of boots and several hundred other items to children in need.

The club collects adult books and donates them to the VA Hospital along with dozens of handmade quilts by Donna Kauffer, a member of the club.

Comfort Cares Project
We delivered 24 gifts to Goodwill’s Father Project, 24 gifts to Catholic Charities, 60 gifts and lots of food items to Pinky Swear to be distributed to children battling cancer and 39 care packages to the residents at 66 West – young adults that have battled homelessness, etc. and now have stable, supportive housing.