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Exposing Myths About Republicans

Exposing Myths About Republicans *A resource list can be found at the end of this post. Myth: Republicans are all wealthy. Certainly some Republicans are wealthy, but not all. If you want to know who has the money, ask Democrats who is funding their campaigns....

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Islamic Values

(Source: Nonie Darwish's presentation at the American Freedom Alliance conference on 8/21/2016. This video is 8.42 minutes long. See it here.)     (For further insight, read Nonie's fourth book, Wholly Different: Islamic Values vs. Biblical...

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Global Warming

(Source: Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming by Craig D. Idso, Robert M. Carter, and S. Fred Singer This book reports the findings of the NIPCC, the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change. The NIPCC, made up of scientists and scholars worldwide...

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Our Mission

The Metro Republican Women is an organization dedicated to the election of Republican candidates and the advancement of conservative ideas.