Day at the Capitol on March 5, 2020.

MN Republican Candidates

2019 Annual Picnic

2019 Annual Picnic

Straw Ballot

Here are the results of the Republican gubernatorial candidate straw ballot taken at our January breakfast meeting: Jeff Johnson (30%), Matt Dean (27%), Keith Downey (17%), Mary Giuliani Stephens (16%), and Phillip Parrish (10%)

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Mitten Tree Project

To Mrs. Sheila Casey and the staff at MTS Elementary: We are pleased to present your school with this variety of winter outerwear for your students.  Our members have made these contributions on hearing the needs your children have during the cold winter months. ...

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2016 Volunteer Hour Award Recipients

MRW Speakers


Twila Brase
Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom

Heather McGannon
MN Dept. of Labor
Amy Walstien
Precision Manufacturers Association

Jason Lewis
U. S. Representative for the MN 2nd Congressional District

Wendy Wulff, Metropolitan Council
Mary Liz Holberg, Dakota County Commissioner

John Hinderaker
President of the Center of the American Experiment

Keith Downey
Chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota

King Banaian
Dean of the School of Public Affairs
Professor of Economics at St. Cloud State University

Mike Cummins
Chair of the MN Organization of Republican Veterans (MORVets)

Brian LeClair
Trump-Pence Campaign

Jason Lewis
MN CD2 Candidate

Cory Campbell
MN Senate SD 57 Candidate

Victor Lake
MN Senate SD 51 Candidate

Leilani Holmstadt
MN Senate SD 54 Candidate

Brad Gerten
MN Representative 51A Candidate

Anna Wills
MN Representative 57B Candidate

Regina Barr
MN Representative Candidate

Tony Jurgens
MN Representative 54B Candidate

Mark Misukanis
MN Senate SD 52 Candidate

Pat Hammond
MN Representative 51B Candidate

Tim Pitcher
MN Senate SD 58 Candidate

Annette Meeks
Political Analyst & Commentator
Recap of the MN Legislative Session

Sharon Avent
President and CEO of Smead Manufacturing
Women in Business

Jenna Haring
Regina Barr
MN Excellence in Public Service Graduates

John Howe
Jason Lewis
Darlene Miller
CD2 Candidates

Chris Fields
MN GOP Deputy Chair
Moderated a Panel Discussion from MN Leaders for the following campaigns:
Bill Guidera – Jeb Bush
Denise Kozojed-Plehash – Ben Carson
Cindy Pugh – Ted Cruz
Charles A. Slocum – John Kasich
Jen Niska – Marco Rubio
Tana Goertz – Donald Trump

Janet Beihoffer
National Republican Committeewoman
Caucuses 2016

Jon Koznick
MN State Representative
Maria de la Paz
Minority Liberty Group Alliance
Diversity in MN Politics

Bob Stephanson
Marine Corps Veteran
Jill Stephanson
Gold Star Mother
Military Appreciation

James Backstrom
Dakota County Attorney
Crime Challenges & Prevention

Mike McFadden
How to Close the Achievement Gap in Our Schools

Anna Wills
Representative for House District 57B

Twila Brase
President of Citizens Council for Health Care

Peter Vodenka
Author, Journey to Freedom

Andrew Cilek
Co-Founder and Executive Director of MN Voters Alliance

Michael Stokes Paulsen
Lincoln and the Constitution

Devin Foley
Enjoy Intellectual Takeout’s Digestible Ideas and Better Ed.

Scott Johnson
PowerLine blogger, on Cong. Keith Ellison, D-Minn.

Carol Foote Kilbride
Woman’s Perspective on the Military

Dr. Nelson A. Paguyo
U. S. Healthcare Reinvented

Mitch Pearstein
Broken Bonds author

Sheriff Rich Stanek
Celebrate Flag Day

Annette Meeks
Freedom Foundation of Minnesota

State Rep. Dean Urdahl
Conspiracy! Who Really Killed Lincoln?

Tim Bertram, Susan Closmore, Joseph Schultz, and Jill Sims
Grand Old Party Winning Over New Generation of Voters?

Scott Cottington
2012 and 2014 Elections and Beyond

Kathy Kersten
Met Council and Thrive

James Lileks
Humorist for Star Tribune and his own blog

Richard Aguilar
The GOP and the Latino Vote

State Sen. Michelle Benson
R-Coon Rapids, MNsure and ObamaCare

Rep. Kurt Daudt
R-Crown, Finding Good GOP

Candidates for the Minnesota House of Representatives

State Rep. Pam Myhra, R-Burnsville
Opposition to the So-Called “Safe and Supportive Schools” Bill

Kathleen Utley Kornahrens
First U. S. Air Force Academy Class with Women Students

Ed Morrissey
Northern Alliance Radio Network

Pete Hegseth
CEO of Concerned Veterans for America

Janet Beihoffer
GOP National Convention Recap

Katherine Vessenes
Your Money, Your Taxes, Your Life

Margaret and Terry Flower
Ronald Reagan Ranch

Jason Adkins
MN Catholic Conference, “Protecting Our Religious Liberties and Freedom”

Kelly Fenton
Minn. Republican Party Deputy Chair

Commissioners Lisa Weik (Washington) and Rhonda Sivarajah (Anoka)